In my shop you can find a variety of products for reborning and also for the production from dolls
especially to model uniques from LivingDoll or Prosculpt. From a certain value of order of 56 € up you get a 2% discount
from an order of 120 € up you would get 5% discount (without the 10-packs LivingDoll and Prosculpt).Since two years we produce our own reborn kits.
shaped from the artist Elisa Marx.These kits are sold through my shop and my partners of commerce all over the world.A further attention of mine is the big selection. After your order you get a confirmation mail. There I inform you about the shipping charges. If you want to pay via bank
I send you my banking arrangements (IBAN and BIC). If you want to pay about Paypal
so I can send you a Paypal request for payment.


All prices inclusive 19% VAT, without shipping costs.
For Paypal payments, please use the following email

shipping to UK, Greece, France, Italy..........Europe
1- 20 gram 0,70 €
21 - 50 gram 1,00 €51 - 100 gram 2,50 €
101 - 500 gram 4,50 €
501 - 1000 gram 10 Euro ( 1 Doll kit...except Julian )
1001 - 5000 gram 17 Euro

shipping to USA, Canada....1 Doll kit -except Julian...10 €

Since 01/07/2007 you have by buying via Paypal further charges for a transaction to:
..Germany: 1,9% + 0,35 €
for EU: 3,4% + 0,35 €
For Non - EU (USA, Canada, Australia…): 3,9% + 0,35€


For Paypal payments, please use the following email address: After the Order, i send a invoice per mail. ( included shipping and Discount)

Marx Axel
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